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Lana Arkhi was born in Volgograd, formerly known as Stalingrad in Russia.  In 1987 she graduated from Vladimir Art College, where she specialised in painting large murals in various cities across the former USSR and then moved to Moscow to expand her creativity.

In 1989, during Perestroika (the major reformation of Russia since the revolution), she started working and concentrating on ceramic art, painting and producing traditional Russian porcelain called “Gzhel”. During that period in 1991, she also graduated from the Moscow University of Lenin, where she had been studying both Arts and Crafts.  At that time working with Ceramics provided the best opportunities for exhibiting her talent and creativity.

During 1994 to 2000 she worked in the studio of Lyudmila Azarova, who was a very renowned Russian ceramic artist and sculptor. That led to opening her own porcelain studio in 2000, where she created her first big porcelain collection, called "the City".

Recently she has been able to devote her time to being a full time artist creating watercolour paintings and porcelain. In 2012 she moved to England and now resides outside of London in Kent. Many of her works have been sold to private collections across the world, including the UK, Russia, Australia, the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Israel, France, Germany, Austria and Ireland.

In 2017 Lana Arkhi was elected a Member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers and received an Award for the Most Outstanding Sculptors' & Gravers' work at the RMS Exhibition 2017.



Royal Society of Miniature Painters Annual Exhibition 2018

28th November - 9th December

the Mall Galleries, London

Major exhibition history:

1998 Moscow, The Old English house
2004 Moscow, The State Pushkin's Museum
2007 Moscow, The State Museum "Arkhangelskoe”
2014 Moscow, The Old Arbat Gallery
2015 Moscow, Tushino Art Gallery
2015 London, The Mall Galleries
2016 London, The Mall Galleries
2017 Broadstairs, New Kent Art Gallery
2017, 2018 London, The Mall Galleries. Royal Miniature Society


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