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Art classes for adults and kids with artist Lana Arkhi, a Member of the Royal Miniature Society

in Broadstairs, Kent, England

98B High st CT10 1JB

"Acrylic painting"

Painting on canvas using acrylic paints.

Art students learn how to use acrylic paints, palette knives, brushes to paint on canvas. Lana Arkhi opens secrets of mixing colours, demonstrates different brush strokes, play of light and shadow. Students can choose any subject they want to paint (using photographs or still life) The amount of lessons unlimited.

Group Art lessons £7 (1hr)

"The magic of Blue and White"
The technique of painting blue and white porcelain.

Lesson 1 Beginners - learning the technique of painting on paper (All materials are included) After the lesson you will have a greeting card painted on professional card paper.

Lesson 2 Intermediate - learning how to paint porcelain with waterbased paint which you can heat seal in oven. (All materials are included) After the lesson you will have a decorative porcelain plate painted overglaze.

Lesson 3 Advanced - learning how to use professional onglaze paint on ceramic tiles (All materials are included). Lana Arkhi does kiln firing for you. After the lesson you will have a blue and white tile/coaster, professionally fired (kiln firing normally takes 7 days)

The fee £20 includes:

3hrs workshop (4-8 people in a group), acrylic paints, brushes, paper, canvas,
palette knives, cards, paper towels, pencils.

Individual Art sessions for adults £30 (1hr)

Individual Art sessions for children £30 (1hr)



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Marguerite Wiewel, Ramsgate

"Today we had a lovely session with this wonderful artist Lana Arkhi. Not only is she a very talented artist herself, she also has the gift to pass her great knowledge onto others and share her vast experience. Her sessions are a delight to be in. I was very dubious about trying to paint... i can absolutely not draw ! However with hints and tips and a lot of encouragement from Lana, I now am the proud owner of my first acrylic painting ever ! So whether you can draw or not, just go along. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. Highly recommended! Thank you Lana!!!"

Anna Selivanova, Broadstairs, Moscow

"I also had a chance to get master class of painting gzhel style from Lana Arkhi. To be honest, looking at the pictures I was thinking that it is not very difficult and a bit boring BUT I realized that I was completelly wrong. 1) it is very intersting technique, particularly applying paint to the brush 2) you need to have the clear picture and strategy of what flower and other design to “allocate” and place. I think, the technique of painting gzhel can develop many useful qualities in personality. 3) after you see the result you will not believe that you did it!! I am sure everyone can do a great job with this special artist Lana Arkhi. Thank you for all your efforts and guidness during our master class."

Viktoria Poroshenko, Canterbury

"Enjoyed every minute of our lesson! Thank you Lana for sharing your unique talents with us. So much to learn from you!!! Can't wait to be able to do my new technique on a real porcelain!"


The Magic of Blue and White Workshop

Art Classes for Adults in Kent

Art Lessons for Kids in Kent